Damage prevention

It is a welded construction, reminding low handrail and consisting of parts, which are joined at installation. Such construction is installed in the floor at some distance from the wall. Corrosion-proof pipes, depending on conditions, can be of various diameter or size. To be installed in the premises:

  • of supermarkets and large shops, both in trading halls and in subsidiary premises, corridors where various mobile means are applied to transport goods.
  • of meat and fish processing companies, dairies, bakeries. of hospitals and clinics.


Protection of walls against mechanical damages of firm plastic it is represents plastic strips up to 2m in the length, which are fastened on the walls in the premises for protection against impacts and mechanical damages. Strips can be of various configuration, thickness and width. Special chamfers on the top prevent from dirt and moisture accumulation after washing. For longitudinal connection at installation on longer than 2m walls, joints of the strips are shaped specially. Fasteners are hidden under decorative tiles, adding aesthetic appearance. Special plinths of firm plastic, available in various configurations, can be applied to protect basis of the walls.


Stainless steel or plastic