Dioplast Crash-swing doors made of plastic

They may be installed in the doorways of high-level shops, supermarkets, where high reliability and aesthetic appearance are required.

They are used to separate trading hall and subsidiary premises, where personnel and goods are actively moving. They can also be installed in the special industrial premises (for example: in meat processing and culinary shops of supermarkets).

They have perfectly proved in industrial shops of meat and fish processing enterprises, where it is necessary to observe rigid rules of hygiene, separate premises on technology requirements or because of temperature difference, and also in apertures of internal special premises where personnel is moving often. They can be used in another food enterprises, clinics and hospitals.

Easy-to-pass for people and vehicles because door leafs are installed in a doorframe on special spring mechanisms, providing free opening in both sides and returning to neutral position.

Reliability and durability of all construction are provided with the help of shock and wear resistant 15mm thick plastic (HDPE), used to make the door leafs, as well as of reliable spring mechanisms.

Metal spring mechanisms (galvanized or corrosion-proof) or plastic mechanisms, holding door leafs in an open condition, may be used.

Plastic thickenings, adding longitudinal strength, are installed on the leaf at the spring mechanism side. (In small doors, in the simplified variant, the thickening is not applied.)

DPL-V_Vert_spyr_1 DPL-V_Vert_spyr_2 Padas_DPL-V_3
FRID_DPL-D_tams_4 FRID_DPL-D_Sves_5 DPL_plast_spyr_6

The gap between the door leafs (ca. 100 mm) is hermetically sealed by a 4mm thick tape PVC material, adding safety.

Protection of plastic against impacts where it contacts with the door leafs, overlays of the same material are done; they can be easily changed when necessary and installed at any height from the floor.

Shock-resistant organic glasses, which can be covered with a coloured film, are installed in the door windows. The glasses are integrated into leafs without application of special holding frameworks.

Air tightness is provided with the help of a special PVC sealing

Metal doorframe can be designed separately or combined with the doorway frame. Both stainless steel of 1,5 mm and polymer-painted steel may be used here. The maximum size of the doors: width – 2400 mm, height – 2800 mm.


Max width
Max height
HDPE, rigid plastic
Integrated PETG windows
Three types of spring mechanisms
Painted or stainless steel metal frame


White marble