Diopas Framed single-leaf swing doors

Framed single-leaf swing doors are intended for installation in doorways of special premises (for example: in meat processing and culinary shops of supermarkets) where the working personnel is actively moving. Doors are easy to pass, they are reliable, hygienic.

DPS_Akr_Sl_1_korr_3pruzh DPS_NZ_oval_1 DPS_N_Kav

Special spring mechanisms keep the door leaf in a frame and provide its opening in both sides, also return it to neutral position. Spring mechanisms are zincified or made of stainless steel.

Constructive elements of the doors are made of stainless steel and light plastic that gives the doors an aesthetic appearance. Shock-resistant organic window glass, covered with tinted film, is kept in place by profile frameworks with the help of sealing rubber. For protection of plastic against impacts, in the places it contacts with the leaf, overlays of sheet stainless steel are applied. In order to achieve hermeticity, special PVC seal is applied along perimeter of the door.

DSCF0014 Dioplast-ugol


Max width
Max height
Steel frame filled with layered plastic
Stainless steel profiles and cover plates
Integrated PETG windows
Three types of spring mechanisms
Painted or stainless steel metal frame