The Firm “DIONISAS” was established in 1993, as a company, proposing customers special industrial doors, flexible strip curtains and partitions.

Concept of the firm’s activities consists in proposing of the technologies for the building of new and reconstruction of the old premises, which are directed towards energy resource saving. Retention of heated air in winter or cooled – in summer is especially urgent! Equally important is separation of the premises under technological and hygienic requirements.

Averting air exchange, protection from the drafts, penetration of dust and mud is sufficiently successfully solved by the installation of the special constructions with different flexible and solid plastics used.

Important characteristics of such plastics are reliability, longevity, wear resistance, impact strength and temperature independence. This enables use of the doors in the shielding and shockproof function-performing articles. Together with various metal doors, widely used in the building, special doors of the flexible and solid plastics become irreplaceable, where easy passing and reliable air exchange averting is required.

Simple and special metal doors, different doors of flexible and solid plastics, strip curtains and soft partitions, proposed by firm “DIONISAS”, successfully solve the numerous problems of all interested users.

The company “Dionisas” also represents American company “Dynabrade” in the market of professional manual air tools in the Baltic states.

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